Weight limit

Maximum weight is 130 kilos. Children under 40kg have to go tandem.

Age limit

There are no age limits. There is only a weight limit for the zipline.


The capacity is approximately 20 people per hour.

Weather and conditions

For safety reasons the running of Kollensvevet is affected by weather conditions such as thunder storms or strong winds.

Safety regulations

It is your responsibility as a participant in this activity to understand and follow our safety regulations. If anything is unclear to you, it is important that you ask us about it.
You can not go through with this activity if you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
If you have a history of neck-, back-, heart- or respiratory problems, epilepsy and other diseases or if you are pregnant it is up to yourself to decide whether you are fit for this activity.

Photos and filming

Some of our helmets have brackets that are compatible with Go-pros. You have to bring your own camera and extension or similar. It is also possible to hold the camera in your hand or use a telescope pole. However, we do not take any responsibility if you drop or damage the camera.

Payment and location

Our office and activity is located at the very top of the jumping tower in Holmenkollen. When you arrive at Holmenkollen jumping tower, you head to the ski museum entrance. This is where you pay for entrance to the museum which is the only way to reach the elevator to the top. Everyone who wants to do the jump must pay for entrance to the museum/elevator. This ticket is sold separately and the jump itself is paid in the top of the tower.

How to get here

Public transport: Take the Subway nr 1 called ‘Frognerseteren’ and get off at Holmenkollen station. After that follow the signs to the Holmenkollen ski museum and jumping tower.
By car: The address is Kongeveien 5, 0787 Oslo. When driving up the winding Holmenkollveien you take a left up Kongeveien, drive past Holmenkollen Rica Park Hotel on the left, and through the tunnel under the jump itself. Here you will find a parking lot on the right side.

Disabled/Wheel chair users

Wheel chair user can participate in this activity – please let us know on beforehand over phone or via email so we can do some slight preparations to make it easier.
We want this activity to be open to everyone. So if you have any questions about your disability, please contact us.


There is no requirement for how you must dress. The importance is that the full body harness and helmet is correctly dressed and that everything is well adjusted.